Create unforgettable moments with your loved ones in our spacious Family Beach Villas in Maldives. Designed with families in mind, these havens of comfort provide ample space and thoughtful amenities for every member to enjoy. Bask in the warm embrace of togetherness as you embark on beachfront adventures, build sandcastles, and create cherished memories by the shore. With multiple bedrooms, a welcoming living area, and direct beach access, these villas offer the perfect balance of privacy and shared experiences. Let the beauty of the beach and the luxury of your villa weave a tapestry of unforgettable family moments.
  • One Bedroom Island Family Retreat
Soneva Jani
One Bedroom Island Family Retreat
This luxurious 1 Bedroom Island Family Retreat provides an intimate hideaway for couples or small families to enjoy. Nestled amongst beautiful mangroves, and only steps away from the stunning Indian Ocean, it is the perfect spot for a tranquil getaway. The terrace surrounding the private pool is ideal for soaking up the sunshine, while the master bedroom is a luxurious experience, with a retractable roof, an outdoor bathroom with a bath and two showers enclosed by a water feature.
Room Size
480 sqm
Garden View
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