Whispers of Paradise: Our Journey at COMO Maalifushi Maldives
27 June 2024
Shama Rashid

Travel Consultant

Whispers of Paradise: Our Journey at COMO Maalifushi Maldives

Our trip to COMO Maalifushi Maldives began at Hulhule, Velana International Airport, where we were greeted by the vibrant atmosphere of fellow travellers. Welcomed by the Manta staff, we smoothly transitioned to the Noovilu Seaplane Terminal after check-out, where the serene Sapphire Lounge offered a delightful breakfast. The quiet and serenity of the lounge early in the morning, paired with the panoramic views of the horizon marked the perfect start to our journey ahead.

Flying to Thaa Atoll

Boarding the seaplane, we embarked on a breathtaking journey over the Maldivian blues, soaking in the mesmerising sight of ringed atolls from above. An hour later, we landed on the water and a speedboat whisked us to the jetty, where our dedicated host guided us to our Sunset Water Villa, our sanctuary for the weekend. Refreshed by COMO Shambhala juices and a platter of fresh fruits, our adventure began with a seamless check-in, all at the villa, tailored for ultimate comfort.

Exploration of COMO Maalifushi

The first day unfolded with a guided tour of the island, unveiling the blend of luxury and tranquillity at every location. The first thing you notice as you walk into any villa is how every single element in the room is harmonious with the COMO brand. With minibar and hotel appliances hidden within the furnishings, the interior presents a balance of simplicity and luxury. This is visible not only in our villa but in every single part of the island; from the grand COMO Residence to the COMO Shambhala Spa and the Play by COMO Kids Club. 

The artisanal furniture that catches your eye as soon as you step foot into the villas is made from sustainably sourced local wood and handcrafted to fit the space perfectly. Whether it is the dining tables, the ceramic creations on display, or the hanging lights, every element is a nod to the Maldivian architecture, blended with luxury living. The wooden high ceilings and rattan woven chairs all echoed traditional Maldivian architecture infused with contemporary elegance.

Sunset Cruise with Dolphins

After the tour, we were taken on what may be the most memorable excursion of the whole trip — a sunset cruise with the dolphins. As Thaa Atoll’s first and only resort, COMO Maalifushi is surrounded by pristine and untouched waters that present the perfect destination for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Against a backdrop of golden hues reflected on the ocean's surface, the Bottlenose Dolphin pods swam alongside the boat, oftentimes coming up to the surface for air. But it was the Spinner Dolphins that stole the show as one would often jump up from the waterline, almost as if they were putting on a performance for us. The experience was further bested by the canapes and drinks provided as we headed back to the resort. 

While we did not have the opportunity to observe whale sharks on our vacation, the resort is also famed for whale shark sightings, particularly during the months of November and April, when the oceanic giants migrate through the Maldivian seas.

Gastronomic Delights

Culinary excellence defined our evenings at COMO Maalifushi. Whether it's the morning breakfast with a range of pastries, COMO Shambhala juices, and freshly created a la carte meals, or the magnificent private dinner on the private island adjacent to the resort, every experience speaks volumes about authenticity and polished creativity. At Tai, the overwater Japanese restaurant, we indulged in a three-course meal featuring sustainably sourced seafood and expertly grilled steaks, paired with signature cocktails.  

However, the pinnacle was our private Yakiniku Dinner on a Palm island, complete with a Cinema Under The Stars experience—a fusion of gourmet dining and intimate solitude. While we thought our first night’s dinner at Tai would be hard to top, the grill-it-yourself dinner stole the show. This experience is perfect for those seeking solitude and privacy with their loved one, but making it grandeur. Between the destination dining on the private island adjacent to the resort, and the three-course dining at Tai with the Indian Ocean on the horizon, the gourmet experience at COMO remains unmatched — and only enhanced by the fact that all the ingredients are sustainably sourced. 

Rejuvenation at COMO Shambhala Spa

Our journey at COMO Maalifushi reached new heights of relaxation with a visit to the renowned COMO Shambhala Spa. Here, we indulged in a 90-minute signature massage, where each essential oil and technique embodied COMO Shambhala brand's dedication to holistic well-being. The spa session enveloped us in therapeutic blends of essential oils, mindfully crafted to nurture the senses and dissolve stress. The massage, a perfect essence of relaxation, left us feeling renewed and rejuvenated. Following the treatment, we luxuriated in the spa's sauna, allowing the soothing heat to further unwind our bodies. 

Moments of Leisure at the Resort

Day two at the resort offered moments of serenity — whether we were exploring the island on bikes, snorkelling beneath our villa, or simply lounging by the private pool. With impeccable service and boundless hospitality, every interaction at COMO Maalifushi felt like a cherished memory in the making. As the sun dipped into the horizon, we revelled in the beauty of nature's symphony, from starlit skies to the vivid palette of a Maldivian sunset. 

Departing COMO Maalifushi left us with a trove of memories — a testament to unparalleled luxury and natural beauty. Each moment, from dawn to dusk, whispered of a paradise found and a longing to return.

Whether you are seeking serenity or adventure, COMO Maalifushi promises an unforgettable retreat. Book your journey now and unlock the essence of island luxury at its finest.