Beneath the Maldivian Stars: The Enchanting Beach Bubble Experience at Finolhu Maldives
02 October 2023
Shama Rashid

Travel Consultant

Beneath the Maldivian Stars: The Enchanting Beach Bubble Experience at Finolhu Maldives

Tucked away in the UNESCO-protected Baa Atoll, Finolhu Maldives welcomes you to an isolated paradise on a sandbank. Surrounded by an aquatic masterpiece of reefs, submerged cliffs, and thilas, it is home to four sandy enclaves with 125 private beach villas and over-water sanctuaries. But the magnum opus of the island is nestled far away from the rest of the villas. The celestial cocoon that is the Beach Bubble; a haven perched on a private sandbank, where the ocean's embrace meets the night sky's tender kiss. Step into the realm of Finolhu Maldives, where the extraordinary becomes reality.

Cosmic dreams come true

Imagine a night like no other at the Beach Bubble, beckoning lovers for the 'Dream Eclipse' experience beneath the stars. Located a mere 100 metres from the Crab Shack, this ethereal escape promises unforgettable memories. Inside this dreamy sphere, you'll find wooden floors, a plush double bed adorned with the finest linens, and a sense of boundless wonder. Above, the cosmos paints its masterpiece; the Milky Way in a radiant stroke on the night’s canvas.

Glamping redefined

The Beach Bubble at Finolhu takes glamping to a whole new level. Picture king-sized beds, inviting wingback chairs, and a footstool adorned in vivid turquoise. A vintage turntable serenades you with classic records while sturdy timber floors and a soft rug underfoot add a touch of elegance. An outdoor shower awaits, complete with fluffy towels and robes. Inside the bubble, climate control ensures comfort while the world outside remains blissfully waterproof. Adjacent to your celestial haven is a bathroom with a zipper door. Complete with a regular shower and toilet, plush white towels, and cosy robes. Even for a single night, the Beach Bubble grants you high-speed WiFi and air conditioning — though with the cosmos painted across the night sky, who needs WiFi? 

Privacy in paradise

In this secluded slice of paradise, your nearest neighbour is the Fish & Crab Shack, which lies a leisurely stroll away. Here, you have the freedom to sunbathe au naturel if the mood strikes. Your culinary desires are met with precision as dinner and breakfast are prepared before your eyes. It's a dream incarnate, where solitude and indulgence intertwine.

A night beneath the stars at Finolhu Maldives, is priced at USD 995 per couple, taxes excluded. This enchanting experience includes breakfast on the beach and a private beach barbecue. Reach out to our team to book your seaside escape under the stars.