A Taste of Maldivian Heritage at Ba’theli by the Reef
06 November 2023
Shama Rashid

Travel Consultant

A Taste of Maldivian Heritage at Ba’theli by the Reef

Maldivian cuisine is a mosaic of flavours shaped by the island country’s location in the heart of spice trade route. Centuries ago, traders from Indonesia, India, and Arabia travelled the waters carrying treasures like cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. Local cargo boats, also known as Ba’theli in Dhivehi, weaved through the islands exchanging cultures and culinary treasures. The result? An alluring blend of cultures and a symphony of flavours coming together to create what we now know as authentic Maldivian cuisine.  Milaidhoo Maldives’ Ba’theli by the Reef showcases these creations in the first gourmet local restaurant in the country. 

The degustation menu at Batheli tempts you with local creations. From Maldivian yellowfin tuna, seared to perfection, to coconut milk-poached fish infused with spices. There's Maldivian lobster curry, slow-braised Lamb curry, Southern Maldivian chicken curry, and a pumpkin and local leaf salad, served with traditional steamed rice and chapati. Essential spices like cumin, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, coriander, and fragrant curry leaves are the heart of Maldivian dishes. 

Dining at Ba’theli by the Reef is a unique and enchanting experience. Set afloat on three boats in Milaidhoo's tranquil lagoon, you can choose to dine on the 'deck' under starry skies or indoors with a view of the mesmerising sea life beneath glass floors.

The restaurant serves as a treasure reflecting the rich Maldivian heritage. From the intricate design resembling three traditional boats over the lagoon, to the innovative and delectable dishes, everything pays homage to the ancient maritime spice route. This is just one facet of Milaidhoo Maldives, a boutique luxury destination that embodies the very essence of the Maldives. Ready to embark on this epicurean journey? Book now and discover all the hidden local gems.